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Four Ways to Find the Perfect Audiobook Narrator – by Michael Courtneay, RNG

I was going to start this article by saying, “Finding the right audiobook narrator is like a marriage.” But, in fact, it is exactly that! You, the author are offering words. The Narrator offers the voice. Both hoping to create a perfect union. With an equally perfect result: Exposing your work to thousands of potential […]

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Five Realities Authors Need to Consider Before Self-Narrating an Audiobook

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by Michael Courtneay, R.N.G. So you’ve written a book. Great start! And now you’re thinking about doing an audiobook version. Great thought! But before you put that great thought into action, there are five realities you need to consider. And who am I to say that? Well, just someone who has narrated/produced/promoted more than 15O(and […]

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