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Four Ways to Find the Perfect Audiobook Narrator – by Michael Courtneay, RNG

I was going to start this article by saying, “Finding the right audiobook narrator is like a marriage.” But, in fact, it is exactly that!

You, the author are offering words. The Narrator offers the voice. Both hoping to create a perfect union. With an equally perfect result: Exposing your work to thousands of potential new fans.
So, how do you find your perfect audiobook partner?

Let me count the ways:

Imagine. Yes, imagine. Imagine you have an unlimited budget and you could hire your favorite movie star, sports hero, media personality.

Then you know what quality/style of voice you’re (ideally) looking for. Right?This becomes your “audiobook avatar.” Just like you have(or should have) an “ideal book buyer” one.

This is the “yardstick” you will use to “measure” potential narrators.
So – when you have this avatar you could:

Check out ACX. Short for “Audio Creation Exchange.” This is a division of Audible – Amazon’s evil twin. (“Evil” because to get a 70% royalty from audibile, you must sign a seven year exclusive contract.)

As the “exchange” in the title implies, ACX is a middleman that matches authors up with narrators.

You, the author can listen to a selection of narrators. Then “invite” a narrator to your project,then wait for the narrator to reply, and then, and yada, yada, yada. Getting my drift? ACX is a lllllllong dance.

So, before deciding if you want to do slow dance with ACX, you might want to:

Check out freelance sites. Fiverr. Upwork. Freelancer. Legiit, etc. There, as you may know, you’ll find every online service under the sun.

Honestly, finding your perfect partner here is pretty much a “Dirty Harry” call. ie “The question you gotta ask yourself is….do you feel lucky today…AUTHOR!”

You could find the right voice. And his/her recording quality may be ok. But they may be lacking in the editing/post-production chops. Without which no Audiobook distributor will touch your audio masterpiece.

But the bottom line here – is security. You have no assurance – no matter how well “things” are going, that this person you only know through a freelance site, might suddenly just disappear. (Disclosure: I’ve had more than a few clients with this “experience.”)

Ask “Da Man.” Every Author is on multiple lists of “book gurus”/big time authors. And every one of them are constantly asking: “Let me know if you have any questions”, right?

So, select your fav and ask : “I’m a (Fiction/Non-Fiction) author wanting to do an audiobook. Can you recommend someone?”

Good Luck on your marriage!


Michael Courtneay is a seasoned Audiobook Narrator/Voice Actor/Producer who has narrated/acted in more than 160 Audiobooks in virtually all genres.

Contact him with your queries and questions at: musiczar@yahoo.com

CONTACT: success@mynetresults.com